Essential Business Communications Skills Proposal


Open the file (A3 – Research Proposal_Instructions) for instruction

MAKE SURE TO GO THROUGH IT and make sure to look at the GRADING CRITERIA at the end of the file,

then write

4 full pages (2 pages single space)

I uploaded an example to make it clear please take a look at it.


Conducting Business Research


Professional Writing and Speaking

Baker, Baker, and Robles

Chapter 9 Structure

Conducting Business Research

Secondary Research

Primary Research

Two Business Research Categories

Four Publication Categories

Popular Magazines

Trade Journals

Scholarly Journals


Contain research-based articles

reviewed by author’s unbiased professional peers. Time-consuming, painstaking review process. Content is highly reliable but has little information on current topics.

Cover a wide array of current topics published for general audiences. Writing is intended to be informative and

interesting. Only occasional scholarly content.

Targeted at specific industries or professions. Not scholarly in nature, but many are recognized as authoritative within their industry or profession.

Published for general audiences; the most current of all publications, covering news, editorial opinions, and other information of interest to the public. Occasional scholarly content.

Evaluating Website Information





Credible website content should (a) be current, (b) be written by subject-matter experts, (c) meet all the standards of rigorous, unbiased research, and (d) not be profit motivated.


Basketball OR volleyball

Basketball AND women’s AND injuries

Basketball AND college NOT professional

Boolean Operators

Use Boolean operators for searches

Copyrights—What You Need to Know

Q: Why is documentation required?

A: To comply with copyright law, give credit to the people who created the original work, and tell people how to find the original source.

Q: What’s the difference between a patent, trademark, and copyright?

A: A patent protects an invention; a trademark protects a name, symbol, or design; and a copyright protects writing, software, music, art, and movies

Be aware that even if a formal copyright has not been granted by the United States copyright office, the textual expression is automatically protected by copyright.

Q: What is plagiarism?

A: Plagiarism is copying someone else’s text verbatim, paraphrasing someone else’s work, or blending other people’s content with yours without giving credit.

When to Document

Comparing Documentation Styles

APA (American Psychological Association)

MLA (Modern Language Association)

Chicago (University of Chicago Press)

Jansen, F. & Janssen, D. (2011). Explanations first: A case for presenting explanations before the decision in Dutch bad-news messages. Journal of Business and Technical Communication 25(1), 36-67.

Jansen, Frank, and Daniel Janssen. “Explanations First: A Case for Presenting Explanations before the Decision in Dutch Bad-News Messages.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 25.1 (2011): 36-67. Business Source Premier. Web. 8 Sept. 2012.

Jansen, Frank, and Daniel Janssen. 2011. “Explanations First: A Case for Presenting Explanations before the Decision in Dutch Bad-News Messages.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 25: 36-67. Accessed September 8, 2012.

IEEE (University of Chicago Press)

[3] F. Hansen and D. Janssen, “Explanations first: A case for presenting explanations before the decision in Dutch bad-news messages,” J. Bus. Tech. Commun., vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 36–67, 2011.




Exact words, sentences, or phrases from others’ unique material.

Substitute your own words for words used in others’ unique material.

Condense a larger amount of material into its main points.

“While M.B.A. students’ quantitative skills are prized by employers, their writing and presentation skills have been a perennial complaint. Employers and writing coaches say business-school graduates tend to ramble, use pretentious vocabulary or pen too-casual emails.”

M.B.A. students’ quantitative skills are valued by employers, but the employers say the students’ writing and presentation skills are lacking—they ramble, use flowery vocabulary, and write overly informal emails.

Employers compliment M.B.A. students on their quantitative skills but complain about their writing and speaking skills.

Three Ways to Include the Work of Others

Five Methods of Primary Research

Research Standards



Research must measure what it purports to measure.

Research must be repeatable with consistent results.

Sampling Types


Stratified Random

Systematic Random


Draw 100 randomly.


Draw 100 randomly, making sure the sample has the same predetermined attribute percentages as the total population (e.g., age, income, education).


Sample Size = 100


Draw a 1-10 number randomly, such as 7. Then from a numbered list, draw the 7th, 17th, 27th, 37th, etc. names up to 1,000.

Sampling Type

Sampling Types and Examples


Restricted multiple choice

Unrestricted multiple choice




Select one of two options.

Select only one.

Check all that apply.

Rank options high to low.

Rate all options on a scale.

Answer in your own words.

Questionnaire Design Guidelines

Provide a clear title and clear instructions.

Ensure anonymity and confidentiality wherever possible.

Make sure each question helps achieve the objectives of the questionnaire.

Keep the questionnaire short and simple.

Organize the questions, grouping related questions into the same section.

Make questions as easy to answer as possible

Analyze the Data

Standardize your data

Understand the context of your data

Understand your data types

Calculate descriptive statistics

Visualize your data

Explore differences and similarities

Explore relationships

Explore themes

Analyze content

Visualize the Data

Text can be visually represented as word clouds—more frequent words are represented in larger font size.

Visualize the Data

Visuals can reveal trends and patterns in your data that statistics alone cannot.

Chapter 9 Structure

Conducting Business Research

Secondary Research

Primary Research

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