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Department of Homeland Security

Executive Summary

Abstract: The Department of Homeland Security was formed in 2003 to prepare and defend

the United States from threats to the safety and security of the country. This document will

provide an overview of the history leading to its formation, the design of its components,

and the mission it was charged to complete.

Background: The terrorist attacks of 9/11 decimated the perceived safety of the citizenry of

the United States. The 9/11 commission report detailed failures of the intelligence, law

enforcement, and first response efforts. The Department of Homeland Security was formed

to consolidate the efforts of specific federal agencies to be better prepared to disrupt,

defend, and recover from major national catastrophes.

These changes to the organization of the Executive Branch were not made without a massive

effort and considerable difficulty. The formation and subsequent reorganizations have

brought considerable scrutiny on the department and its components.

Discussion: The mission of the Department of Homeland Security is a commitment to

relentless resilience, striving to prevent future attacks against the United States and out

allies, responding decisively to natural and man-made disasters, and advancing American

prosperity and economic security long into the future.

The formation of an entirely new cabinet level agency within the Executive branch resulted

in massive changes to other agencies within the government. The seven agencies that

comprise the Department were extracted from the Departments of Defense, Interior,

Defense, Treasury, and others. Outcry about the reorganization was vast and expected, as

funds were diverted from existing agencies to pay for the new organization.

New agencies were formed by merging existing organizations which resulted in new,

sweeping authorities and streamlined reporting. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

was formed by the merger of Immigration and Naturalization Service and the investigative

arm of the Customs Service. Enforcement and inspections of those respective agencies were

reformed under Customs and Border Protection. United States Citizen and Immigration

Service was extracted from the administrative portions of the Immigration and

Naturalization Service.

The Coast Guard was extracted from the Department of Defense to provide resources for

both response and recovery operations. The Secret Service was removed from the

Department of Treasury in order to provide consistency in efforts to defend our critical

components and infrastructure.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was a consolidation of federal recovery assets

that were poised to provide resiliency efforts. The first major test of their organization

occurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The results were abysmal and a major

reorganization was ordered.

The major failure to prevent the attacks of 9/11 was blamed largely on the inability of the

intelligence community to share information. Within the Department of Homeland Security,

the intelligence gathering, processing, and reporting was streamlined to share information.

This new platform of collaboration was not only within the department but also outside it.

New task forces were formed, including efforts to partner with vetted agencies outside the

borders of the United States.

Recommendation: The mission of the Department of Homeland Security is one that requires

rapid change and adaptability. The separate components of the agency must remain vigilant

and flexible to combat the ever changing threats to the United States. As additional threats

emerge, the Department of Homeland Security must develop new capabilities to combat

them and deal with the aftermath.



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