270+ New Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics – 2022


Nursing is a vast profession with numerous theoretical frameworks and themes. You will be required to attend multiple classes every day as well as write numerous nursing essays, including nursing argumentative essays. Nursing argumentative essay themes can be difficult for students to choose.

First, there are several nursing argumentative essay topics, and a student may be unsure of where to find additional information after selecting a topic. However, the ideal solution for nursing students is now available. This site will provide you with a list of all nursing argumentative essay themes that you require. By the end of this blog, you should be able to select an appropriate topic.

Include a Nursing Argumentative Essay Topic

To craft a nursing argumentative essay, you must first comprehend the characteristics of an excellent topic.

Among the features are:

  1. The topic should fall within the appropriate domain.

The nursing argumentative essay should be related to the nursing specialty. That is also where your nursing argumentative essay topic should fall.

Furthermore, your nursing argumentative essay topic should be focused on a specific issue. Argumentative essay ideas that lack emphasis and direction can easily turn off the reader. When you concentrate on a certain topic, you will be able to present adequate and correct information while also adhering to the ideal structure and flow of thoughts.

  1. It must respond to an argumentation notion, topic, or phenomenon.

Nursing argumentative essay themes should aim to provide answers to specific questions. An argumentative essay is built around the question it aims to answer. A thesis statement is a useful trick for providing your essay purpose and direction, as well as gaining and holding the reader’s attention.

The question can also be used as a thesis statement in your nursing argumentative essay. Readers will be intrigued in your essay because they will want to discover your answer to a specific question. Your solutions should always be thorough and specific.

  1. The topic of the nursing argumentative essay should be arguable.

You should have a list of nursing argumentative essay themes that are debatable in your scope. Isn’t it the aim of an argumentative essay? The disagreement is the core of the arguments in an argumentative essay; consequently, avoid any issue that does not allow for multiple points of view.

When you begin writing your nursing argumentative essay, choose a strong stance on the problem you will explore from beginning to end. Do not change your mind halfway through. Don’t forget to use statistics and data to back up each argument in your body paragraphs. Finally, make sure to end on a high note and take a firm stance on the current topics.

  1. Make it as engaging as possible.

You should choose a nursing essay topic that interests you. If you write about issues that fascinate you, you will almost always create an excellent nursing argumentative essay.

If you are given the option of selecting a nursing argumentative essay topic, choose one that is related to your area of interest.

You don’t want to get bored when writing your argumentative essay. Make the argumentative essay fascinating for both you and the reader.

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Hot Topics for Argumentative Nursing Essays

In this scenario, pick a nursing essay topic that isn’t too wide and doesn’t rely just on facts. The essay topic, on the other hand, should be well-defined and you should be an authority on it.

Here are some common essay themes for you to consider.

  1. What is the major role of a nurse? Are they only considered caregivers and how may their absence influence the facility?
  2. Should nurses receive an extra year of study to guarantee they provide greater health care and are qualified?
  3. The federal government should fund stem cell research.
  4. Should nurses have the ability to end a patient’s life?
  5. Nurses should be given greater responsibilities that are currently reserved for physicians.
  6. All nursing qualifying courses should incorporate an additional year of study to improve overall health care.
  7. Can nurses take on additional responsibilities that physicians should handle?
  8. Increasing the number of male nurses may help the sector’s equity.
  9. How should European health-care working approaches be used in the United States?
  10. Freedom of choice: Jehovah’s Witnesses have the freedom to refuse treatment.
  11. Nurse salary increases are crucial to providing better health care.
  12. The United States of America should implement a national healthcare system similar to that of the United Kingdom.
  13. Why are nurses in charge of providing placebos?
  14. Nurses should recommend homeopathic medicines – they are not all bad!
  15. The government should raise public awareness of the health risks linked with fast food.
  16. The government should enhance financing for stem cell research.
  17. Is it necessary for all establishments worldwide to comply with all applicable safety standards?
  18. Is it appropriate for nurses to give homeopathic pills?
  19. Understaffed hospitals are directly responsible for poor care.
  20. Is it true that hospitals with a shortage of nurses function poorly?
  21. Why should nurses give out placebos?
  22. Can they provide better care and services if their pay is raised?
  23. In underdeveloped nations, nursing safety requirements equivalent to those found in affluent countries should be made mandatory.
  24. Nurses should not be allowed to end the life of a patient.
  25. Partners should be able to remove their spouse’s feeding tubes.

Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics Selected for Your Paper

  1. We keep our commitments, and here is a list of topics from which you can choose if you are still having problems:
  2. Male nurses are less concerned with the well-being of their patients than female nurses.
  3. The percentage of overtime worked by nurses should be considered when setting their bonuses.
  4. Nurses fail to take adequate safeguards when caring for patients.
  5. Nurses should be compensated more than physicians.
  6. Nurses are more likely than physicians to develop infectious illnesses.
  7. Is it vital for nurses to experience emotions, and how does this effect the hospital?
  8. Nurses are more compassionate than doctors.
  9. Nurses, like doctors, are entitled to residencies.
  10. Are nurses in general irresponsible?
  11. Should nurses be paid more than doctors?
  12. What is the major role of a nurse? Are they only considered caregivers, and how may their absence influence the facility?
  13. Nursing is not solely a female-dominated field.
  14. The average nurse abuses their position of power.
  15. Should nurses be allowed to ask intrusive inquiries of patients?
  16. Do nurses have the same degree of respect as doctors?
  17. Should nurses’ relationships with their patients be restricted?
  18. What is a nurse’s approach toward pain management, whether chronic or acute, and what pain liberation measures are appropriate?
  19. Nurses on the night shift should be paid more than nurses on the day shift.
  20. Do nurses face less health hazards than physicians?
  21. Nurses spend far more time with patients than physicians.
  22. Nurses are more effective motivators for patients suffering from psychological anguish.
  23. Nurses give patients with a higher level of care than physicians.
  24. Nurses are better at time management than doctors.
  25. Nurses play a more important function than physicians.
  26. Nurses can earn bonuses based on patient outcomes.
  27. Racial discrimination is a common concern in the nursing profession.
  28. What are the benefits of learning about stress management and mindfulness in nursing? Is this beneficial for stress reduction?
  29. Should nurses discuss personal concerns with patients who appear to require immediate attention?
  30. Should nurses and physicians work closely together?
  31. Sexualized nurses are better than non-sexualized nurses at dealing with psychological disorders.
  32. Should the nursing team be prepared for crises, and how prepared should they be to respond to bioterrorism incidents?
  33. Home nurses are more emotionally connected to their patients than home doctors.
  34. Is it permissible for nurses to engage in sexual relations with their patients?
  35. Nurses from affluent nations should be required to work in developing countries for two years.
  36. What variables contribute to substance usage in the nursing department, and what precautions should be taken?
  37. Should nurses’ pay be higher than those of physicians?
  38. In general, home nurses are emotionless.
  39. Home nursing should include mandatory supervision.
  40. What ethical quandaries do nurses face, and how should they be resolved to guarantee smooth workplace practices?
  41. The influence of nurses differs from that of physicians.
  42. How can employee harassment and physical violence be eliminated? Why are these damaging practices becoming more prevalent?
  43. On average, nurses are less concerned than physicians.
  44. Nurses must be more vigilant than doctors.
  45. Nurses are the most knowledgeable members of the healthcare team.
  46. Should nurses be given a global visa that allows them to work in any place where their services are needed?
  47. What is the ideal level of nurse staffing in a hospital?
  48. Nurses are more forgiving than doctors.
  49. Nurses do more work than doctors.
  50. How are document records in this field organized and maintained? Compare and contrast manual and automated archives.
  51. Nurses see more patients than doctors.
  52. Should nurse sexualization be prohibited?
  53. Are nurses authorized to issue prescriptions for patients?
  54. Does overtime work influence the quality of nursing work?
  55. Is unpaid overtime acceptable for nurses?
  56. What qualitative nursing techniques and procedures are employed, and how effective are they in any given facility?
  57. Is it ethical for nurses to end a terminally ill patient’s life?
  58. Should nurses give non-medical advice to patients?
  59. Nurses are more patient than doctors.
  60. Nurses should have a higher level of compassion than physicians.
  61. The government should encourage men to take nursing occupations.
  62. Nurses are more emotionally invested in their patients than physicians.
  63. Is it permissible for nurses to communicate with patients in non-professional settings?
  64. In comparison to physicians, nurses are more tenacious.
  65. Do nurses experience more stress than doctors?

Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What is the surgeon’s role in directing the operation?
  2. What is the hospital’s responsibility for the patient’s life?
  3. Should the credentials of medical workers be updated on a yearly basis?
  4. Can humanity have an impact on healthcare work if safety laws are followed?
  5. What kind of relationship should hospital employees have, and how much power does the manager have over their work?
  6. Why do patients receive different treatment in private versus public hospitals?
  7. Is it feasible for a registered nurse to get to the level of a physician? What obstacles must be overcome?
  8. Who should be in charge of healthcare facility revenues?
  9. Make a list of five management concepts that should be followed in healthcare.
  10. What is the educational level of nurses at private and public hospitals?
  11. What is the role of a nurse in a hospital?
  12. Determine the benefits and drawbacks of healthcare management.
  13. Why is it that the healthcare environment frequently changes how employees work?
  14. Is it personal gain or patient care that motivates hospital employees?
  15. Why is the healthcare administration failing to improve medical personnel’s quality of life during the coronavirus outbreak?

Topics for Nursing Argumentative Essay

  1. Are doctors to blame for the millions of deaths caused by the coronavirus?
  2. Is it feasible to prove that refusing to accept religion is a psychological disorder?
  3. Are you certain that industrial waste endangers human life?
  4. Is a high-fat or low-carbohydrate diet preferable?
  5. Is alternative medicine useful or harmful to one’s health?
  6. Is following a carb-free diet safe or dangerous?
  7. Should medical marijuana be made legal?
  8. Is it necessary to seek medical attention if I have an infectious sickness, or can I stay at home?
  9. Can carbonated beverages contribute to the onset of a disease like cancer?
  10. Can a child’s simple habit of eating junk food effect the development of his or her immune system?
  11. Is it conceivable to argue that social variables have an impact on how people live?
  12. Is Antibiotic Addiction Diagnosis and Treatment Available?
  13. Is participation in sports harmful or beneficial to your health?
  14. Do you believe that caffeine is hazardous to your health, or do you believe that caffeine has health benefits?
  15. Is it preferable to use traditional medicines or those produced in pharmaceutical plants?
  16. What factors contribute to the United States’ high healthcare costs? (Be aware that while the government spends substantially more on healthcare than other European countries, it only covers a tiny portion of healthcare costs.)
  17. Should uninsured people receive medical care?
  18. Is there a connection between poverty and illness? (How does poverty impact one’s health?)
  19. Should people be encouraged to start utilizing homeopathy?
  20. Should the donor system be optional or mandatory? Investigate reliable sources on the subject.
  21. Should non-English speaking patients at US hospitals be provided with a free translator?
  22. Should medical errors be prosecuted?
  23. Should physicians be allowed to sell certain pharmaceuticals?
  24. Should the government provide free health care to the homeless?
  25. Should complementary and alternative medicine be included in public health care?
  26. Is the cost of the US healthcare system justified?

Health Care Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How might health care aid in the prevention of suicides?
  2. How does health care deal with chronic illnesses?
  3. Which human rights can have an impact on the concept of public health?
  4. How should school health care facilities be outfitted to best serve students?
  5. What health-care interventions are required to avoid heat-related deaths?
  6. Can a doctor refuse to treat a patient because he has dark skin?
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology-assisted therapies?
  8. Why is it that school health care is unable to provide the necessary assistance in times of crisis?
  9. Why are alternative medicine metrics regarded as a source of healthcare risk?
  10. What impact do electronic patient records have on the progress of health care?
  11. Should you get vaccinated as an adult?
  12. What urgent issues must be addressed in the US healthcare system?
  13. What has to be done to ensure that all patients receive reasonable health care?
  14. Why isn’t the healthcare system cracking down on online charlatans?
  15. What living conditions should each person have in order to preserve a good mental state, and how can health care accept them?

Nursing argumentative essay in Medicine Technology

  1. How are healthcare students trained to use technology to heal?
  2. How much money does the public health system budget for current equipment?
  3. What distinguishes Pfizer’s Arthritis Treatment Equipment Case from others?
  4. How does technology help with cancer organ transplantation?
  5. Virtual reality simulators for doctors and patients.
  6. Obstetricians can use robotic-assisted childbirth.
  7. Sick robots — for dental, otolaryngology, urology, and gynecological training.
  8. Pediatricians can use the PediaSIM newborn and adolescent robots made in Canada.
  9. Intelligent technology versus traditional medicine
  10. What steps must health care take to ensure that all hospitals have contemporary equipment?
  11. Intelligent digital hospitals.
  12. How do rural hospitals cope with coronavirus without the necessary equipment?
  13. Why are physicians unable to adapt to new medical technologies?
  14. 3D printing technologies are gaining popularity in medicine.
  15. Code Blue III robots from the United States are used to hone the abilities of resuscitators.

Topics for Argumentative Essays for Nursing Students

Medical subjects that are intriguing for presentations or essay assignments should have the criteria listed above.

  1. It is thus your obligation to decide which topic is best suited to you depending on your interests and level of knowledge in a certain field.
  2. The following are some examples of nursing argumentative essay topics: Does the tax overhaul in the United States benefit certain healthcare providers at the expense of others?
  3. Should health programs encouraging physical examinations and illness prevention be prioritized for healthcare funding?
  4. Should social media behaviors related to healthcare practices and medical methods be regulated?
  5. Should children be required to receive vaccines against infectious diseases?
  6. Should doctors bear full legal responsibility for medical errors and events caused by their negligence?
  7. Should healthcare costs in the United States be regulated to enhance access?
  8. Should organ transplantation be restricted to persons who maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  9. Should marijuana be considered a prescribed drug for pain management?
  10. Should surrogacy be restricted to circumstances when there are apparent medical conditions?
  11. Should life-saving medical procedures be made available to all Americans?
  12. Is genetic engineering permissible in the treatment of terminal diseases?
  13. Should government bodies determine and regulate medical research funding?
  14. Is it necessary to regulate antibiotic use in a systematic and supervised manner?
  15. Should mental health be labeled America’s top public health problem in the twenty-first century?
  16. Should the homeless and underprivileged in the United States enjoy free healthcare?
  17. Should legalized euthanasia be considered?
  18. Should the parents’ desires take precedence over the doctor’s when treating a minor?
  19. Should patients have greater options for natural versus manufactured medications?
  20. Has digital technology exacerbated the difference in healthcare quality in the United States?
  21. Has the Affordable Care Act reduced healthcare quality in the United States?
  22. Is obesity the most serious public health problem in the United States?
  23. Should fast-food advertisements be banned from mainstream media?
  24. Are public health programs effective at illness prevention and control?
  25. Should complementary and alternative therapies be part of the national healthcare system?
  26. Should teenagers be given contraception?

Psychiatric Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is womb transplantation a feasible alternative to surrogacy?
  2. Should the organ transplantation committee take the patient’s circumstances (marital status, children, successes, and personal qualities) into account when deciding who will receive an organ?
  3. Should a doctor be allowed to treat a juvenile against the desires of their parents?
  4. Abortion is a legal procedure.
  5. Should euthanasia be made illegal?
  6. Should surrogacy be utilized on an individual basis or only for medical reasons?
  7. Should people who have a sedentary lifestyle be denied organ transplantation?
  8. Should doctors be required to report occurrences of organ trafficking (when a person possesses the desired organ but it is not on the national waiting list)?
  9. Should obligatory childhood immunizations be implemented?
  10. Should people with mental illnesses be treated in or out of the community?

Interesting Nursing Controversy Topics for an Argumentative Essay

You will be able to overcome the problems associated with selecting nursing argumentative essay topics with the help of the list of exciting, contentious medical subjects for an argumentative essay provided below.

  1. Is it necessary to increase the area devoted to the development of robots capable of replacing doctors? Highlight the issue’s negative effects.
  2. Should a translator be on staff in hospitals that serve minorities?
  3. Should doctors be allowed to heal children against their parents’ wishes?
  4. Is homeopathy a safe and efficient method of enhancing one’s health?
  5. Is it worthwhile to legalize marijuana?
  6. Should surrogacy be utilized on an as-needed basis or only for medical reasons?
  7. The benefits and drawbacks of the donor system
  8. Should the government expand medical research funding?
  9. Is penalizing those who commit medical malpractice necessary?
  10. Is the cost of medical treatment in the United States reasonable?
  11. Is it worth allowing doctors to promote specific medications?
  12. Should organ transplantation be limited to those who lead a healthy lifestyle?
  13. Should the homeless be entitled to free medical care?
  14. What are the costs of health care in the United States of America?
  15. How do diet-related television programs affect people? Do they motivate people to care for their health, or do they have the opposite effect?
  16. Is abortion legalization required? (Professors advise against choosing this topic because it has already been covered extensively.)
  17. Should the patient’s personal information (children, achievements, marital status, etc.) be taken into account when considering organ transplantation?
  18. Is it worth allowing genetic engineering experiments?
  19. Should the government impose restrictions on the importation of items produced at the expense of another person’s health?
  20. Should human experimentation be restricted?
  21. Obesity: an individual or a public health issue? Should obese people be given more vacation days?
  22. Is it moral to test medicinal products on mice?
  23. Should governments impose regulations on fast-food restaurants?
  24. Is there a connection between health issues and poverty?
  25. Should governments go to great lengths to encourage citizens to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  26. Is it possible for medical research to pose a threat? How?
  27. Do people with mental diseases have to be treated in society rather than in isolation?
  28. Is vaccination necessary?
  29. Should people who don’t have health insurance be able to get medical help?
  30. Which of the following diseases, if scientists discovered a cure for, would you choose: AIDS, cancer, diabetes, or any other?
  31. Is it worth it to forbid alcohol advertisements on television?
  32. Who should decide the fate of the elderly (children, physicians, or an elderly person)?
  33. Should medical researchers try to find a technique to make people immortal? There are numerous institutions dedicated to the development of various forms of medication capable of postponing aging.
  34. Can the physical activity be harmful to one’s health?
  35. Do cosmetic surgery-themed TV shows foster addiction? Are they to be prohibited in this case?
  36. Is it mandatory for physicians to disclose organ donation?
  37. Is it worthwhile to forbid fast-food advertisements on television?
  38. Should teenagers be allowed to access birth control pills?

In conclusion

You’ve looked into a wide range of nursing argumentative essay themes! Consider the following before making a final decision: Is the topic appealing? Is it a contentious issue? Will I be able to gain enough knowledge from it? Will my investigation aid in the resolution of the problem?

If you replied ‘yes’ to the bulk of these questions, you’ve found the right topic! If not, you may always get assistance from nursing argumentative essay aid professionals.


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