Acute Adult Illness

Discussion Question - Acute Adult Illness A 55-year-old male patient presents to your clinic for his initial visit requesting refills of his blood pressure and blood sugar medication. He states he has been out of his medications for about 3 months and cannot remember the name of either of them. He is also complaining of shortness of breath and chest discomfort over the past week that is gradually worsening. He mentions that he thinks the scale in the clinic may be wrong because when he weighed himself last week, he was ten pounds lighter than he is today.  VS: Temp- 98.6, HR - 112, RR - 26, BP- 176/100, pulse ox 94%, " 4/10 chest pain. What other questions would you ask this patient? What are your top three differential diagnoses? What is your plan for this patient?  Length: A minimum of 275 words, not including references Citations: At least three high-level scholarly references in APA 7 from within the last 5 years


Academic Level Masters
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Discussion Post
Number of Pages 1 Page(s)/275 words
Sources 3
Format APA 7
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