Describe a nursing theory or model (include the metaparadigm)

Describe a nursing theory or model (include the metaparadigm)

Introduction(no heading needed) (10 points)Describe a nursing theory or model (include the metaparadigm). Discuss the influence this nursing theory or model has had on nursing as you have experienced it. Philosophy of Nursing Practice(10 points)Develop a philosophy of nursing practice that is based upon your selection of a theoretical perspective or conceptual model. Include a minimum of 3 tenets/belief statements. Clinical Scenario(20 points)Describe a clinical scenario from your actual experiences. Describe the relationship between the selected theory or model and the clinical scenario. Describe how your own personal philosophy (including your tenet/belief statements) is represented in the clinical scenario. Conclusion(10 points)Summarize the influence that nursing theory and/or models have had on the profession of


Academic Level Masters
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Admission - Application Essay
Number of Pages 3 Page(s)/825 words
Sources 5
Format APA
Spacing Double Spacing

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