Ethical Political Paper

Assignment Instructions  Research and provide academic evidence/support from peer reviewed references about a current American political issue related to health care that has ethical implications.  Analyze the ethical issue and discuss the health policy implications. Does this particular topic include or contribute to health care disparities, particularly with populations at risk?  A discussion of the ethical principles involved in the issue must be included.  Personal opinions and use of first person should be avoided in this paper.  Avoid using biased references that are not scholarly or peer reviewed.  A title page and reference page is required in APA format 7th edition. Do not include an abstract. Papers should not exceed 8 pages. You also need to upload the final paper to your e-portfolio.  Topics to consider: (just some ideas, you do not have to choose from this list. Contact faculty for help if having trouble choosing.)  Affordable Care Act Birth control coverage in the ACA, employer centered controversy Care of older adults Care of chronic illnesses End of Life care Costs of healthcare and how it varies Current issues regarding the Death with Dignity Acts Organ donation, organ allocation. Opt-in vs. Opt-out systems. Employers providing birth control HIV Testing and whether or not it should be done on all healthcare workers GMO identification on products Definition of brain death Mandatory immunizations in school or work place Immigration Abortion Clean drinking water Disposition of dead bodies Maternal mortality rates or health disparities in people of color


Academic Level College
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Assignment
Number of Pages 8 Page(s)/2200 words
Sources 3
Format APA 6
Spacing Double Spacing

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