After reading Fink's "Five Days at Memorial"  Answer the following questions. Responses should be in complete sentences and should show thought and evidence of reading the book as well as referencing additional resources to back your opinion. The body of the paper does not need to be written in paragraph form.  You should include the question and then provide your response right below. APA formatting overall is expected (title page, referencing within your responses, reference page, page numbering, headers, etc.). Use the criteria posted in the rubric to form your paper. To understand the pressures doctors and nurses faced, readers needed to know exactly what it felt like to be trapped in a sweltering hospital in a city that had descended into chaos. Do you think Fink does a good job of recreating those conditions? What do you think of the behavior and decisions made by the medical staff? Where you shocked by the lethal injections of morphine? Or do you agree? Per Dr. Cook, "It was actually to the point where you were considering that you couldn't just leave them; the humane thing would be to put 'em out." What do you think? What shocked or disturbed you the most? The actions of the staff? The unpreparedness of the hospital? The horrific conditions everyone operated under? Or were you not surprised at all? What legal and ethical standards must healthcare workers be expected to uphold in a disaster? Should they be held to the same standards that operate during normal conditions? Is there a gray area in ethics when things go disastrously wrong? What are your thoughts about the decision to basically cease all medical treatment? Was this being prudent or premature and why? In such conditions, who should be saved first? Who should make those decisions? How significant a role did the media play (and their false report of martial law) in the decisions that were made at Memorial? Should the media be held accountable for wrong information? Leadership? Discuss the differences in outcomes between Memorial and Charity Hospitals. What role does leadership have in disasters like this? Disasters happen every day around the world. Why, in a major US city with access to plenty of clean water, food, and medicine did things go so wrong in such a technologically advanced place? Why did the babies on ventilators make it out but not the elderly? Was it a conscious decision as a whole or the matter of individual decisions per patient? Why did the local grand jury decline to bring charges against Anna Pou? Do you agree with its decision? To what degree should Pou be held accountable for her actions? Ultimately, who is responsible for the deaths that occurred at Memorial? What lessons were learned from the hospital disaster at Memorial? What is your biggest take-away message from the book? What aspects of the Katerina disaster can you compare to the current pandemic?


Academic Level College
Subject Area Nursing
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Number of Pages 2 Page(s)/550 words
Sources 2
Format APA 7
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