Stress and parenting during the global COVID-19 pandemic

PART ONE: REFERENCE PAGE The References will be the last page of this assignment submission (and the last page of your complete research paper), but you may want to prepare this first as you decide which sources you are using. At the top of the page, the word References should be centered on the page in plain font (not bold, underlined, etc.). List citations for of the sources you will use in your literature review. You must include at least 8 sources, including at least one peer-reviewed, scholarly source and one source by an anthropologist (see Collaborative Annotated Bibliography directions). You can use sources that others in your group contributed to the bibliography, or you can find more of your own. You can also now view the bibliographies developed by students in other groups/sections here: W21 Collaborative Bibliographies -Format each source citation in APA style according to the source type. -Citations should be listed in alphabetical order by author's last name. -Double space the entire references page. You do not need extra spaces between each reference. -Use a hanging indent for the source list: the first line of each source is to the left, and the second and subsequent line of each source is indented. (Hanging indent instructions for Word, Pages, Google Docs). PART TWO: OUTLINE OF THEMES As you read your sources, identify 4-5 common themes in the research, reporting, and discussion of your topic. A theme could be any pattern that you recognize across 2 or more sources. Some possible types of themes: a specific problem that multiple authors discuss (e.g., food insecurity in children out of school) an argument that multiple authors are making (e.g., "we should require college students to wear masks on campus") an approach that multiple studies have in common (e.g., surveying women about working from home) a specific demographic related to your broader issue (e.g., safety concerns for nurses with pre-existing health conditions) a finding that multiple studies have in common (e.g., that people in quarantine are reporting more mental health issues) -Write 1-2 sentences that explain each theme you have noticed in the literature in your own words. The theme sentence should be a statement, not a question. It should be a complete sentence. Example [for a paper about anthropologists during covid]: Some archaeologists who would normally be conducting excavations with large teams during the summer are now analyzing artifacts in makeshift home laboratories instead, since those field seasons have been cancelled by the pandemic. Under each theme sentence, list 2-3 of your sources that have something to say about that theme. List them as Author (Year). A theme cannot have only one source listed under it (or it's not really a pattern) If there are 4+ sources that you think relate to this theme, consider subdividing the theme and/or making it more specific You may include a source under more than one theme. Under each source Author (Year), write two sentences about that source. First, use a narrative citation to introduce the source by explaining its main point, and if relevant, the point of view of the author. In a second sentence, explain specifically what that source has to say about this theme, followed by a parenthetical citation. Review narrative and parenthetical citations here: (W2) APA Citation For this assignment, both of these sentences need to be written in your own words (not quoting/copying the words of the original author). If you absolutely need to include some of the author's exact words to get a point across, you can quote a short phrase within your sentence. (If you do include a direct quote, your citation must also have a page number). CHECKLIST: -Use the template as a starting point for formatting your outline and references page. -Identify 4-5 themes and describe each in a complete sentence of your own words -List 2-3 sources under each theme -Summarize each source and explain its relevance to the theme -References at least 8 reliable sources, including at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed source and at least one by an anthropologist -Use APA style in-text citations in each of the sentences you write about your sources -Paraphrase information about sources by writing in your own words rather than quoting or copying words directly from the original source (avoid plagiarism!) -Include a References page at the end of the assignment that includes a full citation for all sources used in the outline, in alphabetical order by author last name


Academic Level Masters
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Discussion Post
Number of Pages 3 Page(s)/825 words
Sources 10
Format APA
Spacing Double Spacing

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