The Diagnostic Process: Rediscovering the Basic Step

The Diagnostic Process: Rediscovering the Basic Step

Respond to discussion Include citations/Use in text citation where needed All sources must be 5 years old or newer Only needs to be about a paragraph long More like a discussion rather than a paper Please add to the discussion in your peer responses with informative responses, instead of posts similar to “great idea! I really agree with you.” Each response needs to have a citation   POST 1(Holly) Many interesting sociological perspectives have influenced modern health and illness. One that interests me is genetic screening. It can be helpful to think about how you would use the results of prenatal screening tests in your pregnancy care. Remember that a positive screening test tells you only that you are at higher risk of having a baby with Down syndrome or another aneuploidy. A diagnostic test should be done if you want to know a more certain result. Some parents want to know beforehand that their baby will be born with a genetic disorder. This knowledge gives parents time to learn about the disorder and plan for the medical care that the child may need. Some parents may decide to end the pregnancy in certain situations. (ACOG,2021). My son was born with the condition Gastrochesis in 1995. At that time it was rarer and there were only a few cases known. Our MD made a case study of him and took her findings to conferences all over the world. Even Moscow. I was thankful to have had the opportunity to see a genetic counselor early in my pregnancy to investigate if there was another medical condition causing this abnormality such as Downs syndrome. I underwent an amniocentesis to test his genes. My husband and I do not believe in abortion and we decided that we would deliver our son no matter what the case may be. It was a good thing to have the option of receiving these genetic screens so that we could prepare our hearts and minds for what was to come. Our son did not have Down syndrome and now is an Emergency room BSN-RN. I thank God every day. Genetic testing impacts the plan of care for nursing in that we can educate our patients on these particular tests and walk with them when they get diagnosed. For the person who does decide that they would terminate their pregnancy, I as their nurse could help them with resources such as grief counseling, chaplain services, post-mortem care, funeral arrangements, social work, and case management. I would incorporate education on the health and wellness of the mother and self-care after such a traumatic and tragic event occurred when they receive results that are not so favorable and they feel as if they can not cope with having a baby with a birth defect.   American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. (2021). Prenatal Genetic Screening test.Retreived from   POST 2(Danielle) The diagnostic process is an important aspect in nursing & providing competent care to all patients. " the diagnostic process is a complex, patient-centered, collaborative activity that involves information gathering and clinical reasoning with the goal of determining a patient's health problem." (Syzek, n.d). Nurses are involved in every step of the diagnostic process, from gathering information from the patient such as symptoms & medical history to providing care & support after a diagnosis. The plan of care can change drastically based on a patient's diagnosis. An example the I deal with in my nursing career right now is a diagnosis of cancer. More times than I can count a patient will come in for something they think is minor but turns out to be a diagnosis of cancer. Through out the course of treating them my plan of care changes. When the diagnosis is confirmed plan of care can involve emotional support of not only the patient but their loved ones. And once treatment begins education is key in my plan of care. Other health care providers such as CNAs & lab techs are also vital in caring out the plan of care through the diagnosis process. For example lab techs are there to get labs that are perinate in diagnosis a patient as well as ensuring therapies are working as they should. CNAs or techs are just as important in caring for a patient through the diagnostic process. They provide cares such as basic hygiene care & taking vitals. References Annandale, E. (2014). The Sociology of Health and Medicine - A Critical Introduction 2e. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from Syzek, T. The Diagnostic Process: Rediscovering the Basic Steps.


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