275+ Best Exemplification Essay Topics


University and college students must complete various creative assignments. It’s a watershed moment for them. Working on the best exemplification essay topics for instance, is a good way for students to develop their creative thinking. An adequately chosen essay topic that corresponds to the learner’s level of training and knowledge, as well as his interests and hobbies, contributes to genuinely cognitive and exciting work.

Not everyone is as creative or as capable of coming up with an informative topic. This pushed us to the edge of serving you with the most relevant and intriguing easy exemplification essay topics. Essays on the topics listed below will interest and be helpful to students. Let’s take a walk on what our guide entails but let’s begin with expounding on what an exemplification essay entails. If you need professional help, visit nursing papers market to get guidance on choosing the best research topic for your paper.

What is an Exemplification Essay?

Writing an exemplification essay may appear to be a difficult task. Still, it is not as difficult as most students believe once you have understood its structure and format and have ideas. This is an argumentative essay with the added requirement of using examples to back up your claims.

This necessitates more in-depth research as well as careful topic selection. Check out this list of 100 exemplification essay topics for a variety of college disciplines. Most are also appropriate for high school students.

How to pick a good exemplification essay topic?

If finding a suitable topic for your exemplification essay is only the beginning of your difficulties, there is a solution. Students are frequently depressed and frustrated during the writing and editing process. This problem can be solved by modern society.

In this present day and age, you can not only order pizza from anywhere using your phone, but you can also find decent and inexpensive writing services. Without leaving your room, you can easily order any type of essay. Below are some examples of exemplification essay topics:

Exemplification Essay Topics on Government and Politics

  1. Should the state fund political parties?
  2. Should all election voting be done online?
  3. Does immigration raise the threat of terrorism?
  4. Is the welfare state beneficial to the national economy?
  5. Do plurality voting systems provide all voters with equal political representation?
  6. The First Lady’s Role in Modern Times
  7. Do election forecasts influence voter choice?
  8. The most favorable ways for the government to spend its budget surpluses
  9. Should people give up some of their privacy in exchange for greater security?
  10. How critical are communication skills for contemporary politicians?

Latest Exemplification Essay Topics on Law

  1. Should marijuana be legalized?
  2. The most effective legal safeguards for preventing mass shootings
  3. Should gun regulations be tightened?
  4. Should cults be prohibited?
  5. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  6. Should the use of drones be governed?
  7. Are modern antitrust laws genuinely beneficial to consumers?
  8. Should texting and driving be made illegal everywhere?
  9. Should farm animals be given more legal protection?
  10. Is it time to abolish the death penalty?

Exemplification Essay Topics About Education

  1. Do students learn more effectively in single-gender schools?
  2. Should religion be taught in schools?
  3. Do students from affluent families perform better in school?
  4. Are teachers doing enough to address the issue of bullying in schools?
  5. Is it even possible to have a successful career without a college education?
  6. Does music improve student learning?
  7. Should students be allowed to evaluate their teachers?
  8. Is there gender discrimination in higher education?
  9. The effect of youth sports participation on academic performance
  10. At what age should parents assist their children with their homework?
  11. Should the minimum admission requirements for all colleges be the same?

Exemplification Essay Topics on Business and Economics

  1. The Online Payment System’s Role in International Trade
  2. Are payday loans beneficial to the economy?
  3. Is social media beneficial to local businesses?
  4. Amazon’s impact on e-commerce
  5. The impact of the Soviet Union’s demise on the global economy
  6. Is informal leadership beneficial to employee productivity?
  7. How free trade affects small local businesses
  8. Is working from home beneficial to employee productivity?
  9. Should interest-free loans be made available to new businesses?

Exemplification Essay topics on History

  1. The historical figure who had the most influence on the course of History.
  2. Is trade to blame for the success of Athenian democracy?
  3. The role of wars in the rise of dictators in the twentieth century
  4. Is social inequality a significant cause of revolutions?
  5. Water’s role in the evolution of the first civilizations

Literature Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. The significance of symbolism in poetry
  2. Is emotion the primary motivator behind the actions of nineteenth-century novel characters?
  3. The chorus’s role in Ancient Greek plays
  4. Is hyperbole typical in folktales?
  5. The role of personification in your favorite poet’s works

Technology Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. People under 18 are obligated to be barred from using social media?
  2. Are smartphones to blame for the rise in burnout?
  3. Will technology lead to the abolition of manual labor jobs?
  4. Does having more connections make people feel more alone?
  5. The impact of smartphones on modern students’ study habits
  6. How reliable are online reviews?
  7. Will tablets be phased out?
  8. Could voice assistants one day make our decisions for us?

Exemplification Essay Topics on Environmental Issues

  1. Is population growth one of the primary causes of global warming?
  2. Does the passive house have a future?
  3. Climate change’s impact on the national economy
  4. Should nuclear energy production be prohibited?
  5. Is “peaceful coexistence” possible in Africa between farmers and wild animals?
  6. Can all homes be designed to generate their own energy?

Entertainment and media Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Does political correctness have a cognitive impact on free expression?
  2. The impact of modern feminism on film portrayals of historical female characters
  3. The role of social media in the spread of fake news
  4. Do TV shows reflect our society’s ethnic diversity?

Exemplification Essay Topics Sexism in superhero films

  1. Does Pokemon Go have an overall positive impact on children?
  2. Are reality TV stars’ lives staged?
  3. Is it true that live theater performances are more inspiring than movies?
  4. Are child actors deprived of their childhood?

Social and Family Issues

  1. Should children be punished physically?
  2. Do ambitious parents truly inspire their children to succeed?
  3. Should all toys for children be gender-neutral?
  4. Can polygamy lead to healthy relationships?
  5. Do modern children grow up too quickly as a result of technology?
  6. Does being yourself help you succeed?
  7. Is gender discrimination common in today’s business world?
  8. The effect of frequent movement on children
  9. Do fathers and mothers have different expectations for their sons and daughters?
  10. The effect of sexting on intimacy
  11. Is it beneficial to bribe children to behave?
  12. Do the most successful people also happen to be the happiest?
  13. Should national charities assist people in other countries?

Exemplification Essay Topics About Nutrition and Health

  1. Should sugary foods be forbidden to obese children?
  2. Is self-help the most effective treatment for mild to moderate depression?
  3. Does stepping outside one’s comfort zone help with social anxiety?
  4. Is celebrity culture to blame for young people’s eating disorders?
  5. Are fast-food restaurants a significant contributor to rising obesity rates?
  6. Is drinking from plastic bottles harmful to one’s health?
  7. Can artificial food coloring cause ADHD?
  8. Is organ donation encouraged?
  9. Can genetic engineering aid in the eradication of genetic disorders?
  10. Should spices and herbs be used in baby food?
  11. Is socialization the primary reason why teenagers begin smoking?
  12. Are sugary drinks one of the primary causes of obesity?
  13. Is materialism to blame for the growing number of people suffering from mental illnesses?
  14. How dangerous are anorexia’s consequences?
  15. What are the most effective methods for assisting children in maintaining a healthy weight?
  16. Is going vegan a healthy option?
  17. Should euthanasia be legalized worldwide?
  18. Can cloning help save lives?

List of Exemplification Essay Topics Funny Ideas

  1. A small thing is preferable to large idleness.
  2. Is it true that animals understand human speech?
  3. How happy are people all over the world?
  4. Are there any plant predators?
  5. What is the composition of seashells?
  6. Where can you find the clues?
  7. Why do we require fountains?
  8. Tigers are the largest and most powerful of the big cats.
  9. I’m going to get a dog. What will be different?
  10. Why do you need air if you’re intelligent and invisible?
  11. Though the bee is small, its affairs are significant.
  12. How can we assist nature?
  13. Is white snow pure?
  14. The books are fantastic!
  15. What information does a man need to know about spiders?
  16. These amusing cats…
  17. Algorithms in man’s life.
  18. The butterfly is a palm miracle.
  19. What are the advantages of the internet?
  20. Algorithms in man’s life.
  21. What good is a cold shower?
  22. Dolphins are nature’s most intriguing mystery.
  23. What was the first camera called?
  24. When my parents were children.
  25. A smile brightens the day for everyone.

Brilliant Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. What does the person’s handwriting reveal about them?
  2. Both dangerous and secure internet.
  3. Moral norms are governing neighborly relationships.
  4. Nobody can wait for nature’s mercy after what we’ve done to it.
  5. From pencil to rod the development of writing pens.
  6. The postcard tells a story.
  7. Adhesive tape is a versatile material.
  8. A small battery’s secret.
  9. What do gestures reveal about one’s mood?
  10. How do teachers feel about cheat sheets?
  11. How does sound appear?
  12. How do you grow a flower?
  13. How do you make a cat and a dog friend?
  14. Do we really need a commercial break?
  15. What can a smear of school chalk reveal?
  16. Clouds in the city versus clouds in the country: what are the similarities and differences?
  17. One day with the desired profession, man.
  18. The beneficial effects of aquarium fish on humans
  19. Is mold beneficial or harmful?
  20. Is condensed milk harmful or beneficial?
  21. The subject’s gravity and mass.
  22. Dogs assist people.
  23. Zodiac Signs: Myths or Reality?
  24. Do we understand how to be friends?
  25. Fireworks are used to decorate for the holidays. Agree/Disagree.

Advanced College Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Is it true that a black cat brings bad luck?
  2. Amazing water transformations.
  3. New Year’s Eve poachers
  4. How did we discover a meteorite?
  5. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment.
  6. The role of state symbols in societal life.
  7. The book is a source of information.
  8. What do the last autumn flowers look like?
  9. What exactly is self-esteem?
  10. Each of us must be patient.
  11. Is cleanliness a sign of health or a source of contention?
  12. Without a book, life is like a hut without a window.
  13. Moral values hierarchy, in my opinion.
  14. There is beauty and ugliness in our lives.
  15. Is it possible for everyone to achieve greatness?
  16. Should one person exert influence over another?
  17. Save nature, save humanity.
  18. Conflict-related concerns.
  19. Books have a destiny.
  20. Making a career decision is a significant life step.
  21. Self-education is the most challenging task.
  22. Is it possible for everyone to be happy?
  23. The Happiness Formula
  24. Lifetime capture.
  25. In my life, ethics and etiquette are paramount.

Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas for A Top Grade

  1. Mental well-being and happiness in your life.
  2. What is the purpose of life?
  3. Everyone has a civic duty.
  4. Each individual creates his or her own face.
  5. What is modern fashion?
  6. The most bizarre occupation.
  7. Allow nature’s green heart to always beat.
  8. My encounter with something extraordinary.
  9. How do you get to the human heart?
  10. Language is both a memory of the past and a means of navigating the future.
  11. The foundation of tolerance.
  12. Do I have any ethical or etiquette issues?
  13. Ecological issues – issues of human survival
  14. A variety of factors influence personality development.
  15. Is it even possible to live an entire life without friendship?
  16. Building air castles are more straightforward than living in them.
  17. A person’s appearance is important, but inner beauty is more important.
  18. Is remembering the past worthwhile for the sake of the future?
  19. Every problem is an opportunity to grow.
  20. Is the man in charge of the gold or vice versa?
  21. Is it correct to do nothing in order to avoid making a mistake?
  22. Error is a stepping stone to self-improvement.
  23. What factors should be prioritized in an individual’s education?
  24. Man is both a spiritual and a physical being.
  25. Apologizing to someone who is aware of his flaws is simple.

5 Pieces of Advice on Writing an Exemplification Essay

  1. The title

This is a crucial rule for such an essay. You can quickly develop exciting exemplification essay topics and invent the subject in the direction specified by the teacher. You should begin with the process of thinking and setting a goal. Concentrate on the topic of your composition. This goal should be reflected in the subject.

  1. The composition’s internal structure

The structure of the text can vary. Because this is a minor piece of paperwork, there is no need for a mandatory repetition of conclusions at the end. It can be included in either the main text or the heading.

However, you must follow the correct logical sequence and adequately express your ideas. The correct order and correlation of all parts are critical. Avoiding the topic, repeating thoughts, and using incorrect construction can all have an impact on the final results of the work.

  1. Exemplifications and arguments

You must provide logical arguments and relevant examples. Where do you get your arguments? You can use media messages, subject materials, films, literature (scientific, artistic, and promotional), statistics data, your own observations, and a story.

You must express your thoughts on the posed problem. In your response, you should provide two arguments based on your knowledge, life experience, or reading experience. It is not sufficient to state your position formally and in a separate sentence (even if it coincides with the author).

  1. Make the title available

You can select from a variety of exemplification essay topics for college students. However, if you clearly disclose the title of a paper, you will be successful. You must consider thoughts and statements and correct their coverage in work.

Don’t overcomplicate the composition. Remove the encyclopedia entries. Misuse of such words diverts the reader’s attention and dilutes the meaning.

  1. Checking is critical

This is the final stage of the project. That is, you are checking the overall stylistics and looking for spelling and punctuation errors. You should double-check your work. A friend or relative can also help you. Give him the paper.

The other person may discover inaccuracies or errors in the work. It will be highly beneficial, and you will be able to correct all flaws before your teacher notices them.


The article contains exemplification essay topics examples, and they are bound to help you and give you the best ideas on what to write about. You can also connect with our professionals to guide you on the steps to take for you craft a top-notch exemplification essay. With our experts by your side, you are guaranteed the a first-class paper that will leave your professor with no other choice but give you an A. I hope you find this article helpful and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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