Gender Essay Topics: Latest List


When selecting the suitable theme for your gender essay topics, you may find it challenging to find the suitable gender essay topics because this theme is too broad and in-depth. It goes without saying that the theme you choose will significantly impact the future success of your writing.

You won’t have too many problems if it’s interesting, engaging, and not too broad. The overarching goal of this comprehensive post is to analyze the most popular gender essay topics thoroughly. After reading our topic samples, you’ll know exactly which one to use for your project!

How to Choose Gender Essay Topics

As previously stated, selecting a gender essay topic can be difficult and time-consuming. Put, sifting through the mud to find the gold is intricate. The web is brimming with gender-related topics to write about, but if this is a new topic for you, you may become perplexed by the variety of variations.

Remember that your first and foremost task is to identify one fundamental issue for society. Let us return to a few helpful hints that may assist you in determining the best topic for your forthcoming paper:

•         Always choose topics that you are entirely familiar with

Although essays are typically short (up to 1000 words), this does not mean that you should choose an obscure topic. Your goal is to cover the theme, explain how everything works, clarify a variety of issues, and so on. Your target audience should believe you, and to do so in your paper, you should be familiar with the subject.

•         Make an effort to be more specific

The most common mistake made by students is selecting an overly broad theme. As previously stated, essays are typically shorter than research papers. As a result, you won’t be able to cover a broad topic within this time frame.

•         Select an issue that can be viewed from both sides

For example, if you choose gender research topics, you must be confident that you view the issue from multiple perspectives. When refuting the opposition, you must be sure that you have strong arguments.

•         Invest sufficient time in gathering information

An essay must be thoroughly researched. Of course, you are free to express your views, but you must be sure that you have scientifically proven facts to support your claims. If you follow these helpful tips, you will undoubtedly select the best topic for your forthcoming paper.

What are Common Gender Issues?

Let us return to the specifics of selecting gender issues topics. Before we get into the hot topics, let’s take a closer look at the current issues:

•         Educational gender bias

So far, this is a severe issue. Approximately 130 million girls will never receive a basic primary education. As a result, they will also miss out on a better future. The leading causes are a lack of proper sanitation, child marriage, or classroom violence.

•         A wage disparity

One of the most prominent factors contributing to gender imbalance is financial empowerment. The problem is that while men and women may do the same job, they are not paid equally. Men are typically paid more than women.

•         Agriculture has a gender gap

So far, women account for nearly half of all farmers on the planet, but they do not have the same productive fields as men. The problem is that women do not have equal access to resources such as farm labor, seeds, fertilizers, etc. Even if they do, the income of men and women farmers differs due to a wage disparity.

•         Limited access to healthcare

Every day, approximately 1,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth. Poor women do not have access to high-quality healthcare. A lack of healthcare has a negative impact on communities.

List of Gender Essay Topics

Let’s get back to work and go over the most recent research topics:

  • Gender division in educational institutions: advantages and disadvantages
  • Can men and women be equal?
  • The primary barriers to workplace gender inequality
  • What factors influence gender issues?
  • Gender inequality in science
  • Politics and gender: which side and viewpoints do different genders a favor?
  • Similarities and differences between racism and gender inequality
  • Gender inequality and child-rearing
  • Discrimination: Examine the Past
  • Marketing women
  • Feminism as the leading male fair
  • How to Distribute Household Chores Equitably
  • The sexism phenomenon
  • History of empowerment
  • Gender as a spectrum: non-binary and transgender experience
  • Gender and culture as primary sources of discrimination
  • What exactly is gender performativity?
  • Gender inequality and capitalism
  • Men’s and women’s social roles
  • Why is female sexuality always in the spotlight?
  • Gender roles in modern society
  • How can gender equality be achieved?
  • Gender representation in news and mass media
  • The LGBT community’s history
  • What are the primary causes of discrimination?
  • School education’s role in gender discrimination
  • The patriarchy phenomenon
  • Sexism in various industries.
  • The Evolution of Feminist Organizations
  • Business women’s image
  • Discrimination reasons
  • Medical Feminism
  • Agriculture Feminism
  • Causes of Gender Inequality
  • The most common stereotypes that women face
  • Peace and gender equality
  • Feminism in the United States
  • Can school uniforms contribute to gender inequality?
  • How to Equally Distribute Domestic Roles
  • Feminism in cinematography.

Gender Roles Essay Topics

  • Who can be a company’s leader?
  • Can women be influential business leaders?
  • Is it possible for a woman to be the head of a family?
  • The rights of single mothers in society
  • Is it possible to adequately define gender roles?
  • Feminism: advantages and disadvantages
  • Women’s and men’s rights: distinctions and similarities
  • Is gender equality possible in modern society?
  • Gender inequality in sports competitions
  • Women’s roles in psychology

Gender Equality Essay Topics

  • The women’s education movement
  • Can all employees be treated equally?
  • The broader issue of gender equality
  • The media’s stereotypical portrayal of women
  • Can women achieve economic success?
  • How can society overcome toxic masculinity?
  • Introduction to women’s rights in Europe and Saudi Arabia
  • Educational disparities between societies
  • What is the role of women on the planet?
  • Gender and sexual orientation concerning human rights

Gender Inequality Essay Topics

  • What made women in the East unequal to men?
  • A summary of the significant female movements
  • Restrictions on women’s business rights
  • Why does religion diminish men’s roles?
  • Is it possible to use technology to reduce gender inequality?
  • What are the primary obstacles to achieving gender equality at work?
  • Gender inequality in the United States
  • Gender inequality and child-rearing
  • Gender inequality and religion
  • What gender barriers do women face in educational institutions?

Gender Wage Gap Essay Topics

  • Data on the gender median wage difference for people of various ages
  • How does the law protect women’s rights in the United States?
  • Gender discrimination at work
  • Is the gender pay disparity a myth or a reality?
  • Discrimination in filmmaking
  • How does gender affect income inequality?
  • How to Close the Gender Pay Gap
  • What are the primary causes of the gender wage disparity?
  • Is there a link between the gender wage gap and sexual orientation?
  • Pay disparities in sports.

Gender Stereotypes Essay Topics

  • What are the most common female prejudices toward men?
  • Is it correct that men should lead businesses?
  • Is it correct that if a woman divorces her husband, her children must remain with her?
  • Why is it difficult for men to work under the command of a woman?
  • Men are the leaders, while women are the followers: Is this true?
  • What are the most common gender stereotypes on television?
  • How modern toys affect gender stereotypes in the United States
  • Relationships between culture and gender stereotypes
  • Disney-imposed gender stereotypes
  • What causes gender stereotypes?

Gender Essay Writing Specifics

Women and men play different roles in society, but both are vital. It would be best if you only used well-researched ideas based on facts when writing your essay. Of course, you can express your thoughts on the subject, but facts must support the main points of your writing.

When selecting one of these themes, you should focus on the roles of men and women in society, their statuses, and roles. Ensure you have a catchy introduction, a body (typically 3-6 paragraphs), and a summary. If you are a novice writer or English is not your first language, don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance!


This article contains gender essay topics that will significantly help in writing your assignment on gender essays. We hope the above list of topics has helped whet your appetite for which gender topic you can use for your essay. If you require any gender essay writing help, you can always contact us, and our team of professionals will be more than ready to offer assistance whenever you get stuck.


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