How To Write a Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay?


Many people who work in healthcare devise a code of ethics to direct their choices regarding patient care and serve as a source of professional inspiration. You can develop your nursing philosophy as a nurse to outline the values, beliefs, and goals that motivate you to be an efficient nurse. This is something you can do on your own. This article will explain what a nursing philosophy is, why it is important, how to write one, to provide some examples to help you craft your own registered nurse philosophy statement. We will also cover what a nursing philosophy is and why it is essential.

Nursing philosophy essay

A philosophy of nursing essay is a mission statement that outlines a nurse’s values, beliefs, personal and professional ethics as they relate to the nursing profession, and their motivation for being a nurse. A nursing philosophy is also known as a nursing guiding principle. This statement may consider a nurse’s education, training, professional practice, personal approach to patient care, and career goals as a nursing professional.

Some nursing philosophy statements may concentrate on the meaning of the nursing profession to the individual writing the statement, the qualities that distinguish an exceptional nurse from a good one, or the qualities that distinguish them from other nurses.

Importance of philosophy of nursing essay

Having a nursing philosophy can help with the following:

1.      Enhance your ability to communicate with patients, their families, and your colleagues

When you clearly understand the nursing-related values important to you, such as honesty, dependability, and respect, you will be better able to approach each interaction to uphold those values. You could show dependability, for instance, by assisting a fellow nurse through a complicated procedure. On the other hand, you could demonstrate integrity by acknowledging that you made a mistake and working to correct it.

2.      Maintain your drive and determination despite the obstacles in your professional life

Your job as a nurse may present you with challenging circumstances, such as long shifts and high-pressure patient situations. Remembering the reasons why you chose to become a nurse can help you maintain your motivation and keep your focus while you are working through the difficulties. For instance, the idea that you can make a difference in patients’ lives could be at the center of your philosophy, which might help you keep your lengthy shifts in perspective.

3.      Make it possible for you to compose a resume objective that is both concise and appealing

When applying for a nursing position, you can submit a resume with an objective or summary statement. This statement should emphasize the qualities that make you an excellent nurse and why you have a strong interest in providing care to patients. When you’ve previously thought about and written down your nursing philosophy, which often incorporates either one of these components, writing this aim might be easy for you.

4.      You will be provided with assistance in preparing responses to frequent nursing interview questions

Interviewers may ask why you chose a career in nursing, what motivates you to continue working, and how your values correspond to the business’s values. When you are getting ready for your interview, you should go through your nursing philosophy statement to help you formulate responses to the questions that will be asked. Reviewing your nursing philosophy before an interview will help you better repeat it if an employer asks you directly about it as part of the interview process, as some companies do.

5.      Guide your career development choices

You can use the impact you want as a nurse as a guiding element in selecting nursing roles, advancing your education, earning professional certifications, and taking on leadership roles that align with your philosophy. This is because the impact you want as a nurse is often a key component of nursing philosophy.

How to articulate one’s nursing philosophy in writing

To create a statement that reflects your unique nursing philosophy, follow these steps:

  1. Think back to what first piqued your interest in the nursing profession

Many different experiences might motivate you to pursue a career in nursing, such as being cared for by an exceptional nurse, having a family member who is a nurse, or seeing nurses provide care for a loved one. Consider the individuals and experiences in your past that led you to want to become a nurse so that you may better comprehend why you picked this profession above any other option. For instance, you could have chosen nursing over becoming a doctor because you want to make a more significant impact on patients’ lives via your profession.

2.      Determine the reasons that make nursing significant to you

Find out what you get from caring for patients, teaching people about general health, and contributing to a team of healthcare experts in treating various patients. You could enjoy connecting with patients and helping them feel at ease while undergoing treatment. On the other hand, you might like the challenge of working in a fast-paced medical atmosphere where you have the potential to save lives. Include this component in your nursing philosophy statement to encourage motivation and a personal connection to your profession, and you’ll be well on your way to being an excellent nurse.

3.      Describe some of your best qualities as a nurse

Suppose you are aware of the talents you already possess. In that case, you can utilize your philosophy statement to reinforce your abilities as a nurse and motivate you to continue working toward increasing those abilities. You may either construct a list of the abilities and characteristics required to become a nurse or a list of the talents and characteristics you already possess that make you an excellent nurse, such as the following examples:

  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Kindness
  • Administration of time and organization

The next step is to choose a handful of the most proficient skills or contribute most to your success as a nurse.

4.      Outline your values

Make a list of the personal values that guide your approach to providing care to patients in your role as a nurse. These values can be used when writing a philosophy of nursing impact essay. The following are examples of possible values:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Patience
  • Teamwork
  • Quality

After that, explain how these personal values are relevant to your nursing practice. For instance, if some of your values include serving others, working together on projects, and accepting responsibility for one’s actions, you may integrate these ideas into your philosophy as follows:

Being a nurse means providing a service to your patients, their families, and the community.

To offer complete treatment, you are required to work together with other members of a healthcare team.

As a nurse, having responsibility entails holding oneself to the standards of the organization in which you work as well as the community of healthcare professionals to offer the most effective and risk-free treatment possible.

5.      In your role as a nurse, give some thought to the good influence you want to make

When writing your philosophy of care as a nursing essay, your objectives as a nurse may be included in your nursing philosophy statement, which can serve to inspire and direct you as you go forward in your professional career. For instance, if you want to have a positive influence, maybe you want to make the lives of people in your community better by educating them about health, or maybe you want to make the treatment environment more pleasant for individuals who suffer from chronic diseases.

6.      As you progress in your nursing profession, it is important to reexamine your nursing philosophy

The more you progress in your nursing career and overcome obstacles in your personal and professional life, the more likely your perspective on the nursing profession and the goals you have for yourself may shift. Reviewing your nursing philosophy statement frequently and making necessary changes to include any new abilities, characteristics, values, motivations, objectives, or methods of patient care can guarantee that your nursing philosophy develops with you.

Personal nursing philosophy essay

People can better live up to the expectations they have placed upon themselves when they have developed personal philosophies, also known as individual guiding principles. When it comes to nursing, having a personal philosophy that may guide relationships with patients, their families, and other clinicians is essential. Individual nursing philosophies may help guide practice that is competent, ethical, and motivated by science.

Students may get assistance from nurse educators in formulating their nursing philosophies, which can direct their professional practice. According to an article published in American Nurse, the official magazine of the American Nurses Association, a nursing philosophy may also assist in identifying the ideas and beliefs that underpin day-to-day decisions.

Registered nurses (RNs) who are interested in becoming nurse educators and are pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, whether on campus or via an online master’s program in nursing, need to be aware of the significance of formulating a personal nursing philosophy. Writing a nursing philosophy paper may be required coursework for several Master of Science in Nursing programs. In other circumstances, nurse educators are responsible for guiding their students through the critical process.

Personal philosophy of nursing essay examples

Personal philosophy of nursing college essay may take many forms; some examples are as follows:

I hold the view that every kid is a unique person. Because of this, as a teacher, I will endeavor to recognize and cultivate each child’s unique qualities, interests, skills, abilities, and knowledge to broaden the scope of their education.

The nursing portfolio philosophy essay sample may include the following: “In my opinion, youngsters learn best while playing. I will enable youngsters to discover new things, explore, create, and use their imaginations.”

Other philosophy of nursing essay examples includes the following; I am someone who values racial and cultural diversity. I will help each kid understand and appreciate the unique ways they are unique and enjoy the advantages of variety alongside them.

I get the impression that young children are apprehensive about themselves and the very narrow universe they inhabit, which consists of their homes and families. However, every kid is one of a kind and has their own set of interests, histories, and phases of development.

I think the setting plays a significant part in determining an early childhood program’s success. The children’s interests in all areas of development should be boosted as a result. In my opinion, the most effective teaching method in an early childhood setting is to set up learning stations that children may visit, investigate, and return to on several occasions. The setting needs to consider the children being serviced regarding their social skills, communication skills, physical abilities or problems, and learning styles.

Families are something that I believe to be an essential part of my program. If a parent can visit their child’s school occasionally, they will better understand the activities that take place throughout the school day. A parent can better know what questions to ask their kid after the school day if they have seen what takes place firsthand.

The first few years of a child’s life are filled with a lot of activity. In my opinion, learning is a continuous process that permeates each aspect of a person’s maturational trajectory. Physical, social and emotional, cognitive, and communication skills are all included in this category. In light of this, the objective of the program that I run is to make this ongoing learning experience secure, constructive, and enjoyable. I want to foster the child as a whole as I work toward guiding them into the next stage of development with self-assurance and enthusiasm for furthering their education.

Writing a nursing philosophy: some helpful hints

The following are some more suggestions that can assist you in formulating your nursing philosophy statement:

  • Keep it short. Your statement should be between one and three sentences long, but you should try to keep it as brief as possible so that it is simpler to remember and utilize in nursing job interviews and on your resume.
  • Please make an effort to make it more actionable. Use active verbs when encouraging yourself to follow your philosophy via a series of particular actions.
  • Put one of the copies in a location where you will see it often. Consider jotting it down on a piece of paper and sticking it up somewhere visible where you will be sure to see it daily, such as on your desk or the locker at work.

Nursing philosophy essay examples

The following are some philosophies of nursing academic essay examples statements that you may use as a guide when creating your own:

One sample essay on nursing philosophy is, “Instead of just treating the patient’s disease, injury, or condition, my goal as a nurse is to give individualized care to every patient I come into contact with at the hospital. I want to put patients at ease, earn their respect, and instill confidence in my nursing skills.”

Another sample essay on nursing philosophy is “Working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit means providing care for other people’s children by using my expertise in newborn care as well as my talents in attention to detail and observation to treat and heal them so that they may grow up and lead healthy lives,” says one NICU nurse.

“It is the role of nurses to educate patients and their families, to advocate for improved healthcare for all people, and to promote good health and wellness habits in the community,”


Your nursing philosophy encapsulates your deep-seated values and professional aspirations as a nurse. Drafting a nursing philosophy essay helps you feel more connected to them. It may guide your development as a nurse and point you toward the areas in which you wish to specialize. Professional and personal experiences, education, students and teachers, and cultural influences are just some of the many determinants of a nurse’s guiding philosophy. The four nursing metaparadigms that make up a person’s philosophy are “person,” “environment,” “health,” and “nursing.”

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