How to Write an AP English Essay


You can get college credit for taking Advanced Placement classes, and AP English can stand in for many first-year composition classes. As a result, if you do well on the AP English exam, you may be able to avoid taking what is widely considered to be the most tedious and uninteresting course of your first year. But how can you improve the quality of your AP English essays? It is in this context that we can help. In this article, we’ll go over the best practices for writing an AP English essay, and then we’ll discuss some of the legitimate professional options you have if your final draft still doesn’t cut it.

An AP English essay follows the standard five-paragraph format, so familiarity with that structure is your first order of business. This style will be most familiar to your AP English exam graders and is the one most teachers aim for. While not the most exciting, a paper written in this style certainly gets the job done.

How to Write an AP English Essay-Five-Paragraph Structure

There’s a strict standard format that the five-paragraph essay adheres to. It would be best if you introduced yourself in the first paragraph. The introduction includes a hook to get the reader interested in the topic, a summary of the issue, and a thesis statement explaining the essay’s purpose. This usually entails a three-part thesis, each highlighting a different set of critical points that will be elaborated upon in the subsequent paragraphs. Your paper’s most crucial sentence, the thesis statement, should provide a preview of the body paragraphs and the overall argument.

No more than two sentences should make up the thesis statement. Since an essay is a condensed form of writing, the thesis statement should be written as a single sentence. You can draft it in 6-10 sentences and then pare it down to the essentials.

The thesis statement mustn’t be open to interpretation. Your thesis statement need not be “mystical.” Students often try to use it as a cliffhanger for the entire essay, thinking they must “hook” readers with it. To avoid confusion with a thesis statement, the first sentence of your paper is a fine choice.

You must ensure that your final thoughts back up your thesis statement. You should double-check the link between your thesis statement and your last paragraph once you’ve finished writing your paper. This is the one thing your teacher will look for before even reading your entire paper.

The meat of your writing should be in paragraphs 2-3. They furnish backing and proof for the thesis’s veracity. The paragraphs all have the same structure. The first is a transitional phrase or word that connects the new paragraph to the one before it. This is a standard component of the topic sentence, which introduces the paragraph’s central argument. Subsequently, you present your evidence in a string of supporting details. A concluding sentence is included at the end of the paragraph to restate the main idea and transition into the following paragraph. The remaining three paragraphs of the body all follow this pattern.

Conclusion of your AP English essay

The conclusion should follow the main body paragraphs. Typically, a paper’s conclusion will restate the thesis and briefly summarize the paper’s main points before pointing readers toward possible future research.

That is the structure of a five-paragraph essay. It’s the go-to method for any essay and the quickest and easiest way to respond to an AP exam prompt with your work.

Subtle changes to a familiar plot

There are some essays where the tried-and-true five-paragraph structure doesn’t work. Even if you don’t take the AP test, you’ll still have to write essays on a wide range of topics, and those assignments may call for more than just the standard five-paragraph essay. When writing a longer paper or an essay with more complex ideas, you may need a more involved format. A lengthy paper will require more than five paragraphs. However, as you develop your essay, you might discover that the five-paragraph structure can be adapted to accommodate longer works by dividing the essay’s body paragraphs into their sections. In this way, you can stick to the same structure but produce a longer piece of writing. There are a lot of other methods for doing that, but we won’t bore you with them because this one will suffice for now.

You can also improve the artistic value of your paper by making the introduction more interesting. You could accomplish this by immediately introducing something intriguing to the reader. Some examples of effective hooks are an intriguing quote, a surprising fact, or a captivating anecdote.

Best Tips for Writing an AP English Essay

If you discover that your essays are underperforming, several paths are open to you. Professional essay writers can help you shape your paper into something extraordinary. The good news is that hiring an essay writing company to produce a paper for you is completely legitimate, despite the widespread mistrust of such services among students. Essay writing services provide prompt help at a reasonable price. All the papers written are 100% unique and are meant to give you ideas for approaching your AP English paper. You can improve your ability to write an effective AP English essay and earn high marks by familiarizing yourself with the five-paragraph format and using custom-writing services to supplement your work when you encounter challenges or find that you can’t complete an assignment on time.

Both courses have unique essay questions on the exams. In academic writing, a “prompt” is the assigned article on a topic that students must read, digest, and synthesize to produce an analytical essay. To do well on an essay, you must consider the essay structure and the criteria for evaluating essays.

A student can produce an essay that scores highly, an essay that scores moderately, or an essay that scores poorly (low-scoring piece). The article focuses on the successful examination outcome. If you’re aiming for the maximum score (8-9 points), the rubric will look like this:

AP English Essay Topics

  1. argument put forth very persuasively
  2. Subject matter that will be covered in exams that require essays
  3. Having a firm grasp on all of the AP English essay topics
  4. Position on the prompt’s topic that is well-thought-out and argued (s)
  5. The essay’s claim is the paper’s focus rather than its driver.
  6. To sum up, the essay’s central idea is compelling and evocative.
  7. For every claim made, only supporting evidence is included.
  8. Answering the “so what?” question can help you figure out what to write about in an essay.
  9. Essay content that is both logical and concise
  10. error-free in all respects; this includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and layout
  11. Use learning apps on your smartphone to stay in the loop. Get ready by installing some helpful writing programs.

AP English Essay Example

In elementary school, students generally competed in a positive atmosphere. It might have been a contest to see who could do the most push-ups or rack up the most “points” in a made-up classroom activity. You wouldn’t feel bad about yourself or anyone else if you didn’t win the most push-ups or the stinky sticker because you’d go home and work on becoming a better you. Then came high school, and you realized college applications weren’t so far off. Your grade point average (GPA) became the defining statistic.

While participation in extracurricular activities may shape your personality, standardized test scores may place you in a specific box. It feels like I’m spending more and more nights awake studying for my exams. You may be experiencing an abundance of floating-duck syndrome (FDS is where a competitive student pretends not to work hard but is studying beneath the surface, just like how a duck furiously kicks to stay afloat). All of your rivals seem to be rooting for your demise, but what could either of you possibly gain from this outcome? Making up that one missing grade? Do those feelings of contentment with oneself outweigh the massive stress one has developed? Weakening friendships and school spirit through this new form of “competition” is counterproductive and wastes time and energy.

In Conclusion

One of the most reliable measures of a student’s command of the English language is their performance on the advanced placement essay exam. Success in this endeavor depends on your familiarity with and ability to respond to various advanced placements while Writing an AP English Essay. These two tasks are similar enough that studying successful AP English essays might help you craft a persuasive personal statement.

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