NURS 6550 Acute Care Study Guide for Midterm 1


NURS 6550 Acute Care Midterm Study Guide


* Diagnostic criteria for generalised anxiety disorders

* Treatment of panic attacks that are severe

* Depression treatment on an inpatient basis

* At what point does serotonin norepinephrine reuptake become inhibited

or denoted

* Dosage of venlafaxine

* Pathophysiology of endogenous depression

* Distinguishing panic attacks from panic disorder

* Symptoms of depressive disorder

* The primary neurotransmitter in post-traumatic stress disorder

* Diagnosis and treatment of PTSD

* Adverse effects of lithium

* The most frequently reported adverse effects of atypical antipsychotics

* Mental status changes associated with urinary tract infection in the elderly

* Delirium in the elderly

* Method for Assessing Confusion in a Succinct Manner (Short CAM)

* Dementia classifications (Lewy body, vascular, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s)

Aricept *

* Disinhibition management in the elderly

* Physical manifestations of impending death

* Constraints on the use of pain medication in terminally ill patients

* Suggestions for successful ageing…

(Those of Erikson, Levinson, Peck, and Butler)

* Elder abuse on a psychological level

* Model of change on a transtheoretical level

* Fear of death

* Evaluating elderly driver safety

* Screening for Geriatric Depression


* Medication-induced eye pain

* Keratoconus

* Prolonged uveitis

* Conjunctivitis caused by Gonococcus gonorrhoeae

* Conjunctivitis caused by viruses, allergies, or bacteria

* Macular edoema

* Cystitis dacrocystitis

* Glaucoma with an open angle

* Metal FB in the pupil

* Injury to the penetrating eye

* Abrasions to the cornea

* Cellulitis of the orbit

* Fractures of the orbit

* Auditory sensorineural deafness

* Conductive hearing impairment

* Hearing loss associated with advanced age

* Temporary hearing loss

* Medial otitis acute

* Dizziness (acute or central)

* Ecstasy

* Sinusitis caused by bacteria

Tonsillitis *

Epiglottitis is a condition that affects the epiglottis.

* Wood’s lamp, slit lamps, Snellen chart, Amsler grid

* Antagonists of the beta adrenergic system

* Cholinergic agonist

* Analogs of prostaglandins

* Diuretics with osmotic action

Cardiovascular complications

* ACS protocol: low-risk vs. high-risk myocardial infarction

* Thrombolytic therapy contraindications


* Infective endocarditis according to the Duke criteria

* Cardiac murmurs

* Treatment of endocarditis

* Pericarditis s/sx and treatment: pericardial sac inflammation

* Acute anterior wall MI treatment and findings

* Observation of wedge pressures

* Medications for congestive heart failure

* Aortic stenosis: a narrowing of the aortic opening, which restricts blood flow from the left ventricle to the aorta and may affect the left atrial pressure.

* Diastolic dysfunction

* Aneurysm of the thoracic aorta

* Medications used to treat acute descending aortic aneurysms include the following:

* Treatment strategies for Parkinson’s disease

* DVT risk factors

* Risk factors for PE

* Hypertension: a matter of urgency vs. a matter of crisis

* Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency

* Cardiac rehabilitation

* Guidelines for stroke treatment

* Coumadin dosing recommendations

* How to read electrocardiograms


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