Psychology Essay Topics for College Students


Are you trying to think of a good topic for the psychology paper you have to write? It may seem that the most difficult part of writing a paper is coming up with a solid topic idea rather than the actual research and writing of the paper. The good news is that there are a lot of amazing locations to look for motivation, and the list that is about to be presented to you is just a sampling of some ideas that may get you started.

Psychology Essay Topics

Research papers in psychology are among the fascinating writing tasks, but they are also among the most challenging to accomplish well. Studying the human mind and behavior is fraught with challenges, but it is also very interesting.

Are you having trouble zeroing down on a single concept to use as the basis for the subject of your psychology research paper? It should come as no surprise given that psychology is an umbrella term encompassing a diverse range of subfields, including social, experimental, educational, cognitive, developmental, and forensic psychology, to mention just a few.

Even once you have decided on the subfield of psychology, you would want to explore it in your writing assignment, and there is a plethora of subject matter that you may investigate. This is the case regardless of whether you decide to hire someone to write your research paper or do it on your own. How can you be sure that your decision will be the best one and will capture the reader? Which of these topics do you think would benefit the community the most? Which ones do you think are good psychology essay topics to get you that coveted grade?

You could get some inspiration from the extensive list of study subjects in psychology that is provided here. Before looking at some of the most intriguing ideas you think are interesting psychology essay topics that you may utilize for your paper, you should read on to discover some useful advice for selecting a solid subject and writing your assignment.

In the topic list, we felt it would be ideal if we did not compile general psychology essay topics but rather classified them in the form utilized below.

Some psychology research essay topics include the following;

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What to Do If Someone Asks You Out on a Date and How to Avoid It
  2. What Are the Roots of a Difficult Date? What Factors Contribute to a Good One?
  3. Why is it that people get irritable with one another after spending an excessive amount of time together?
  4. How exactly does Google do this for us?
  5. Why do students put off doing their homework and their essays till the last minute?
  6. How to Have a Positive Influence on Your Teachers So That You Can Have Better Relationships with Them
  7. Standardized and intelligence testing both have beneficial effects on the brain.
  8. How to Defend Yourself When You’ve Been Caught Telling a Little Lie
  9. The Qualities That Matter the Most in a Compatibility in a Relationship
  10. Is Graffiti Art? When Compared to the Methods Employed in the Creation of Other Forms of Art, Graffiti’s
  11. Is Homosexuality a Mental Disorder or a Personality Trait? What are the unfavorable aspects of the concept?
  12. What are some of the advantages that children could get as a result of their parents’ divorce? Where may one get such things?
  13. Is It Unethical to Give Children Medications That Enhance Their Cognitive Capabilities?
  14. What Kind of Long-Term Effects Does Corporal Punishment Have on Students When Used in Schools?
  15. What are the Roots of the Stigma Associated with Mental Health?
  16. What Kind of Impact Does Sexuality Education Have on Children and Teens?
  17. Is There Evidence That Gender-Based Discrimination in Religion Has a Negative Impact?
  18. Why are those certain professions associated with certain sorts of stereotypes?
  19. Why are women so often included in music and song lyrics?
  20. Should Parents Be Involved in Supervising And Limit On What Their Children Do Online?

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Affluenza is characterized by a sense of futility notwithstanding material plenty. A person’s health might suffer if they feel they must constantly seek riches or buy new things. Most experts in the field of psychology agree that affluenza is a mental illness that causes its victims to feel depressed and unappreciated. According to research, people with affluenza would feel unhappy and unsatisfied no matter how much wealth they amass.
  2. There is a higher incidence of affluenza in the West. According to research conducted by British psychologist James Oliver, the rich in the West are more prone to suffer from affluenza. Three times as many Westerners as Asians and Africans prioritize material wealth, social standing, and outward appearance. According to James Oliver’s studies, affluenza flourishes in the West because people prioritize their desires above their necessities.
  3. The APA has taken issue with the concept of affluenza. Some still argue over whether or not affluenza is a real mental illness. Because of this lack of proof, the American Psychiatric Association has declined to recognize affluenza as a mental disorder. Robert Freidman of Georgia University did research that raises questions about whether or not Westerners have a problem with materialism and whether or not people might suffer from affluenza.
  4. The mainstream media contributes to the spread of affluenza. The affluenza school of thought and other schools of thought in social psychology holds that the media may influence people’s attitudes and mental states. Affluenza has been recognized as a by-product of implicit attitudes—attitudes individuals adopt unknowingly yet affect our decision-making process. Constant exposure to media depicting prosperity and success promotes the development of these hidden values.
  5. Indeed, affluenza may spread from one person to another. Researchers in psychology have established weak contagiousness between affluent persons and others in their social circle. People’s outlooks change depending on who they spend the most time with, according to research conducted in 2010. Research shows that talking to someone with no self-control will hurt the listener.
  6. Treatment for affluenza is effective. Research conducted by social rehabilitation centers has demonstrated that those affected by affluenza may be helped or at least kept under control. Psychologists think that a person may learn to cope with their condition by being exposed to positive forms of amusement and relaxation and by educating them that there is more to life than money. One of the most crucial aspects of treating adult affluenza is helping patients find a healthy work-life balance.
  7. The capacity to empathize suffers in affluent societies. According to studies published in the Psychological Science Journal, the rich have a harder time understanding others’ emotions. The article claimed that wealthy individuals, who are often detached from reality, are more likely to lack compassion and empathy. At the same time, those who rely more on one other financially and socially have been shown to have higher emotional intelligence than the rich. Affluenza and its impact on human cognition were blamed for this discovery.
  8. Affluenza distorts a person’s moral reasoning. Research conducted by UC Berkeley indicated that drivers of expensive automobiles in wealthy neighborhoods of San Francisco were more likely to violate traffic restrictions, including the zebra crossing rule. Despite having a good sense of right and wrong, the research found that those with affluenza were more likely to take shortcuts wherever possible.
  9. Substance abuse and affluenza have been connected. According to research, those with a lot of money might be more susceptible to drug misuse. This research examined the habits of high school students and concluded that those from affluent backgrounds were more likely to experience affluenza, internalize their difficulties, and resort to drug misuse. The survey also considered the habits of adults and found that those from more affluent backgrounds drank more often than those from lower socioeconomic brackets by around 27 percent.
  10. It’s been shown that affluenza is associated with melancholy. Studies have linked the desire for financial success and the notion that material possessions may buy happiness to a higher risk of developing depressive symptoms. Binging, an excessive preoccupation with wealth, and other obsessive behaviors are just a few of how the affluenza statistic shows its ugly face. It may cause a shift in brain chemistry that feeds unreasonable mood swings and anxiety. Affluenza may cause a person to become depressed and overly tired due to a shift in brain chemistry.

Social Psychology Essay Topics

  1. Cognitive dissonance
  2. The art of persuasion in contemporary advertising
  3. Physical abuse and illegal behavior go hand in hand.
  4. The Halo effect in several aspects of pop culture
  5. Experimental social psychology
  6. Is conformity or individuality more likely to be promoted by social media?
  7. Gender roles in contemporary society
  8. Pavlov’s theory of conditioning and the correlation it has with advertising
  9. The contemporary concept of “fear of happiness.”
  10. Characteristics of a nation

Developmental Psychology Essay Topics

There is no question that at some time in your life, you have pondered the question, “What experiences from my childhood helped mold me into the person I am today?” That is precisely what the field of developmental psychology explores. It is not only an intriguing issue for scientific investigation, but it also contributes to our comprehension of the function that families play in the maturation process of individuals.

  1. What factors play a role in the process of language acquisition?
  2. The influence of a child’s parenting style on the child’s overall physical and psychological development
  3. How one’s growth might be affected by being bullied
  4. Is there a correlation between birth order and procrastination?
  5. Memory capacity restrictions at different ages and phases of life
  6. In the context of education, reinforcement is provided.
  7. What factors influence a child’s choice of foods?
  8. There is a correlation between the consumption of music and one’s level of academic achievement.
  9. Parents who are either permissive or authoritarian.
  10. Is there a link between self-efficacy and long-term memory?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Psychology

Check out some of these potential alternatives for your persuasive essay when you need to write a nice essay and want to wow your audience:

  1. To improve how you feel outside of work, put in more effort at your job.
  2. Make sure you dress appropriately for your ideal job.
  3. Why do people think it’s so important to be right constantly?
  4. Are individuals more likely to make significant life changes after experiencing humiliating situations?
  5. Those who have been through traumatic experiences have a deeper appreciation for their lives.
  6. Why should individuals go into uncharted territory?
  7. How can one achieve their goals if they want something powerful?
  8. Confidence in oneself is essential to achieving one’s goals.
  9. Hobbies increase your talents.
  10. Is listening to music an effective method for relieving stress and combating depression?
  11. The likelihood of becoming involved in a conflict.
  12. Instead of writing tasks for homework, students could do oral presentations instead.
  13. The most uninteresting pastime in the world is collecting things like dolls or vehicles.
  14. All students, regardless of age, should always have their mobile devices.
  15. More stringent and comprehensive health rules need to be implemented in school cafeterias.
  16. Free meals have to be provided to students by their respective educational institutions.
  17. Does having more money make things better in your life?
  18. Should students make it a habit to study every day
  19. Why do you think kids adore their pets?
  20. Which activity, recycling or giving, should one prioritize more?

Criminal Psychology Essay Topics

If we have a better understanding of the psychological factors that contribute to criminal conduct, we will be better able to stop it. Not only is the study of criminal psychology entertaining, but it also has significant scientific value. In the following paragraphs, you will discover some examples of research subjects in criminal psychology that you may use for your college projects.

  1. The death penalty and those with mental illness
  2. Capacity to face charges in court
  3. Discrimination in the selection of jurors
  4. The penal system and rehabilitative measures
  5. The influence of social media on crimes that are imitations of others
  6. What leads up to and follows in the wake of widespread school shootings
  7. The correlation between mental illness and imprisonment
  8. There is a correlation between socioeconomic level and criminal conduct.
  9. The relationship between aggressive behavior and society
  10. Rates of incarceration and levels of education

Biological Psychology Essay Topics

  1. Genetics of Behavioural Traits
  2. Comparative Psychological Studies of Sight
  3. Comparative Psychological Analysis of Hearing
  4. Psychology of Different Motor Systems in Comparative Perspective
  5. The Primate Brain and it is Capacity for Visual Processing
  6. Processing of Sound in the Brains of Primate Species
  7. The Processing of Information Received Via the Sense of Touch in Primate Brains
  8. The Biological and Psychological Underpinnings of Pain
  9. The Senses of Smell and Taste
  10. Consumption of Food and Fluids
  11. Acts of Sexuality
  12. The Importance of Sleep to Biological Clocks
  13. Systems of Motivational Analysis
  14. Emotion
  15. The Relationship Between Stress and Immune System Function
  16. The study of both the psychology and the etiology of learning
  17. Models of Associative Learning Derived from Biology
  18. Memory Techniques
  19. Primate Cognition
  20. Language
  21. Computational Models of Neural Networks With Psychological Functions
  22. Environment’s Influence on the Formation of the Nervous System

Cause And Effect Essay Topics Psychology

Psychology may be the most interesting field of research concerning the human mind. In addition, the outcomes of psychological examinations may be used to help us better comprehend certain activities. When we are given writing projects in college, we may get a head start by selecting themes related to Cause and Effect.

  1. Does the color you wear alter your mood?
  2. Does the hue of the food impact appetite?
  3. Are there any correlations between color and academic performance?
  4. Physiological reactions to different types of music
  5. Does social media induce addiction?
  6. Is it possible that symmetrical face features attract people?
  7. Memory and gender have been shown to correlate.
  8. Why do different individuals view things differently when they look at optical illusions?
  9. What are the factors that lead to conformity in groups?
  10. Is there a correlation between personality types and musical preferences?

Sports Psychology Essay Topics

Research Paper Subjects in the Field of Sports Psychology

There is a possibility that you may be required to write on the mental state of athletes or how the outside world influences them. For want of a more appropriate phrase, the psychological variables at play here are pretty potent and extensive. These suggestions are straightforward and will keep you occupied and engaged, particularly if you are interested in athletics. You will now have the opportunity to see the top examples of publications associated with sports psychology.

  1. Utilization of neuro-linguistic programming in athletic competition
  2. What are the repercussions of doping in sports for both the sport and the athlete?
  3. The concepts of explaining and defining sport aggressiveness are presented.
  4. When it comes to shooting sports, attention and focus are essential.
  5. How to mitigate the risk of violent behavior among sports fans
  6. Concerning the Emotions and Physical Needs of Women Athletes
  7. The offspring of professional athletes are not the same as other children in many ways.
  8. Gender studies: Modern concerns in sports
  9. Recovery of athletes’ minds after experiencing adversity
  10. Personality and the decision to participate in sports

Abnormal Psychology Essay Topics

For the sake of the advancement of civilization, the research of mental illnesses is necessary. Researchers may better understand psychological problems, what causes them, and how they manifest themselves via the study of abnormal psychology. We think it would be beneficial for you to check into these study subjects because of the advancements that would result from such an investigation.

  1. An affective condition related to the seasons
  2. Anxiety disorders and eating disorders correlate with one another.
  3. Phobias that stem from traumatic experiences in childhood
  4. Compare and contrast cognitive behavioral therapy with group therapy.
  5. History and evolution of psychoanalysis as a therapeutic approach
  6. Borderline personality disorder
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Major depressive disorder
  9. ADHD
  10. Antisocial personality disorder

Health Psychology Essay Topics

  1. What can doctors and therapists do to ease people’s suffering immediately after a disaster? 4 Is there a way to improve long-term success?
  2. Investigate how often PTSD is among military personnel. How likely is it that a certain veteran will have PTSD? 5 What are the best mental health therapies for addressing this condition?
  3. Learn more about the efficacy of stress management and relaxation strategies in helping those with chronic pain. Approximately how successful are these strategies? What are the differences between these methods and more conventional pharmaceutical treatments for pain relief?
  4. Check out the variations in strategies for quitting smoking. Which methods have shown to have the most success?
  5. Evaluate several strategies for encouraging individuals to use safety gear like helmets and seatbelts. How would you promote the usage of these items in the public sphere?

Cognitive Psychology Essay Topics

It’s intriguing to get insight into the mind’s inner workings, which is why you should consider majoring in cognitive psychology. If you have been assigned work on the subject in college, there is no need to explore further. The list that follows contains some of the fascinating study topics in cognitive psychology that we could find.

  1. Does Participation in Sports Impact Attention?
  2. Study That Is Applied to Cognition
  3. A Focus on The Past Within Contemporary Popular Culture
  4. Both Conscious Experience and Mental Processing
  5. Psychology Based on Narratives
  6. Development Of Problem-Solving Skills
  7. The Procedure for Determining Decisions
  8. Role Of Cognitive Neuroscience in AI Development
  9. Theories Of Mental Processing
  10. What Is the Relationship Between Perception And Cognition?

Personality Psychology Essay Topics

How does temperament relate to creativity? Are certain personality types more likely to be creative than others? One possible approach to using temperament and creativity assessments in your project is to do it in groups.

  1. Are some personality qualities connected to prosocial behaviors? Consider how attributes such as compassion, generosity, and empathy could relate to altruism and heroism.
  2. What are the differences between the various personality tests? Examine the similarities and differences between well-known tests, including the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  3. Do people prefer to marry partners with similar personalities?
  4. Can you describe the effects of your birth order on your character? Do firstborns have more responsibility than later children and do later children have less?
  5. Is there a link between personality types and musical tastes? Do persons who share certain characteristics have similar musical tastes?
  6. How does one’s personality compare to those who also engage in athletics? Compare the personality types of players against non-athletes.
  7. Do those with a healthy sense of self-worth have an advantage in competition? Do persons with high self-esteem do better than those who have lower self-esteem?
  8. Do some personality types prone to cheat more than others? Is dishonesty more common among the less scrupulous? Is dishonesty more common among extroverts or introverts?
  9. How do personality variables impact a person’s social media usage, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Are persons who use social media often more or less extroverted?
  10. How can a Type A personality affect academic achievement? Are persons who have Type A qualities more likely to succeed?
  11. Is there a relationship between a person’s personality type and the style of art they like?
  12. Do individuals prefer to choose dogs depending on their personality types? Does anybody know whether there is a difference in character between dog owners and cat owners?

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